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Welcome to the Cigna Healthcare HYROX Singapore, a paramount race that challenges both your endurance and strength through 8 kilometers of running interspersed with 8 functional fitness stations. This event is not just a race; it's a testament to your determination, a way to push your limits and showcase your resilience. Whether you're a veteran in the HYROX circuit or stepping into this arena for the first time, this race is your battleground.

Before the race, it's crucial to get your body and mind in the right state. Singapore offers a plethora of options for relaxation and recovery. Consider indulging in a yoga session at one of the serene studios around the city to stretch and mentally prepare. A visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens can also offer a peaceful retreat to clear your mind and connect with nature, enhancing your focus before the challenge.

Post-race, recovery is key. Singapore boasts world-class sports massage facilities that specialize in dealing with athletic stress and muscle recovery. Booking a session could greatly enhance your recovery process, getting you back on your feet faster. Alternatively, a relaxed day spent at one of Singapore’s serene beaches, like Sentosa, can also aid in mental and physical recovery, allowing your body to heal while you soak up the tranquil environment.

Remember, preparation and recovery are just as important as the race itself. Plan effectively, engage in activities that will benefit your body and mind, and approach the race with confidence. The Cigna Healthcare HYROX Singapore is not just a competition; it's an opportunity to excel, to break barriers, and to emerge stronger. Gear up, focus on your training, and when race day comes, give it your all. Your strength, determination, and spirit will carry you through.

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Practical Information

June 29, 2023

National Stadium, 1 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397629

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