Cologne (FIBO)

Prepare to challenge your limits at the Hyrox Race, taking center stage in the vibrant city of Cologne, coupled with the unparalleled experience of FIBO 2023. This event marks a historic moment as Hyrox graces the Rhine metropolis, promising a unique blend of competitive spirit and communal fitness innovation. As the first of its kind to occupy an entire hall at FIBO - the world's largest fitness, wellness, and health trade show - this race is not just a competition, but a gateway to the latest in fitness trends, technology, and networking.

For athletes looking to maximize their experience in Cologne, both before and after the race, consider indulging in activities that blend relaxation with recovery. Cologne offers an array of options tailored to an athlete's needs:

1. **Visit the Claudius Therme**: Nestled in the greenery of the Rheinpark, this spa is perfect for soothing muscle soreness with its thermal mineral waters, sauna park, and wellness treatments.

2. **Explore the Stadtgarten for a Light Jog**: This city park offers serene paths ideal for a gentle recovery run, allowing you to unwind and keep your muscles active amidst nature.

3. **Engage in a Yoga Session at Lord Vishnus Couch**: Offering classes for all levels, yoga can be an excellent way to maintain flexibility and reduce pre-race anxiety or post-race stiffness.

4. **Sample Nutritious Local Cuisine**: Cologne boasts a variety of eateries focusing on fresh, wholesome food that can support your nutritional needs pre and post-race. Explore the Belgian Quarter for cafes that cater to health-conscious individuals.

Remember, the key to maximizing your performance and enjoyment of the Hyrox Race and your time in Cologne lies in balancing rigorous competition with moments of recovery and relaxation. Take advantage of FIBO to explore the latest in fitness while embracing Cologne’s offerings for a well-rounded athlete's experience. Prepare, compete, recover, and above all, savor the journey.

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Practical Information

April 15, 2023

Messe Köln Messeplatz 1 50679 Köln Germany

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