HYROX Birmingham | Season 24/25

Welcome to HYROX Birmingham, the premier fitness race returning on October 26th and 27th, 2024. Tailored for athletes ready to push their limits, this event marks the fourth occasion Birmingham hosts the challenge, with a history of leaving competitors exhilarated and eager for more. Whether you prefer to showcase your individual prowess in the HYROX Open/Pro division, join forces with a partner in the HYROX Doubles/Doubles Pro division, or collaborate with a team in the HYROX Relay division, there's a place for everyone seeking to test their mettle.

For athletes participating in HYROX Birmingham | Season 24/25, balance is key—not just in training but in recovery and relaxation. Pre-race, consider exploring Birmingham's serene parks like Cannon Hill Park or the tranquil Birmingham Botanical Gardens to clear your mind and perhaps enjoy a leisurely walk or light jog. These spots offer a perfect blend of nature and calmness, helping you to mentally prepare for the race ahead.

Post-race, recovery should be your priority. Birmingham boasts several facilities where you can unwind and treat your muscles to some well-deserved relaxation. Consider visiting one of the city's many spa and wellness centers for a massage or a session in a sauna to help alleviate muscle soreness and accelerate recovery. For those who find relaxation in gentle movement, a yoga class could be the ideal way to stretch out and soothe your body while reflecting on your race achievements.

Remember, success in HYROX Birmingham isn't just about how you perform on race day but also about how effectively you prepare and recover. Dedication to your training, coupled with mindful relaxation and recovery activities, will set you on a path to not only reach but exceed your goals. Embrace the challenge, and let your hard work and determination shine through. See you at the starting line.

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Practical Information

October 26, 2024

Event Location: National Exhibition Centre, North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham, B40 1NT

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