Hyrox Copenhagen

Prepare to showcase your strength, endurance, and spirit at the inaugural HYROX Copenhagen race, set to energize the Bella Center on March 23, 2024. This event marks a significant milestone as Denmark hosts its first ever HYROX competition, following the tremendous success observed in the south of Sweden. Brace yourself for an electrifying day where fitness meets fun, inviting thousands to push their limits in the heart of Copenhagen.

**Race Overview**
HYROX Copenhagen promises an unparalleled fitness challenge, blending cardio and strength elements to test athletes of all levels. Participants can expect a series of workouts designed to assess their physical prowess across various disciplines. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or new to the HYROX scene, this race is a golden opportunity to gauge your fitness, perseverance, and resilience.

**Pre-Race Relaxation and Recovery**
In the days leading up to the race, consider immersing yourself in Copenhagen's serene landscapes for mental and physical preparation. Visit the tranquil gardens of Kongens Have for a gentle, restorative walk, or explore the calming watersides of the city's numerous canals - perfect for light jogs or cycling. Embrace the Danish concept of 'hygge' by enjoying a relaxing evening at one of the city's cozy cafes, focusing on nourishment and hydration.

**Post-Race Recovery Activities**
After crossing the finish line, recovery becomes paramount. Copenhagen offers a wealth of options to soothe sore muscles and replenish energy reserves. Consider a visit to one of the city's renowned spas for a massage or a session in a sauna to aid muscle recovery. For those looking to stay active while recovering, gentle yoga classes focusing on stretching and flexibility can be found throughout the city, catering specifically to the needs of athletes.

Remember, your performance at HYROX Copenhagen is as much about the journey as it is about the race day itself. Incorporate these relaxation and recovery activities into your regimen to ensure you arrive at the starting line in peak condition and leave with memorable experiences of both the competition and the city. Gear up for an unforgettable challenge and the chance to prove your mettle in Denmark's debut HYROX race.

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Practical Information

March 23, 2024

Bella Center Copenhagen | Center Boulevard 5, DK-2300 Copenhagen I Hall C Entrance 6

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2024 Copenhagen

Explore the historical achievements of 2024 Copenhagen, season 6 and uncover the benchmarks for podium success. Discover the elite athletes and the times you need to surpass to claim your place among the champions.

Name Race Division Rank Rank (AG) Nationality Age Group Time
Fricker Oli 2024 Copenhagen HYROX PRO 🥇 🥇 GBR 30-34 00:57:23
Bryant Jordan 2024 Copenhagen HYROX PRO 🥈 🥈 GBR 30-34 00:58:44
Ifversen Sebastian 2024 Copenhagen HYROX PRO 🥉 🥇 DEN 25-29 00:58:54
Name Race Division Rank Rank (AG) Nationality Age Group Time
Valgreen Laura 2024 Copenhagen HYROX PRO 🥇 🥇 DEN 16-24 01:04:21
Steensgaard Ida Mathilde 2024 Copenhagen HYROX PRO 🥈 🥇 DEN 30-34 01:06:27
Jensen Tilde 2024 Copenhagen HYROX PRO 🥉 🥇 SWE 35-39 01:07:19
Name Race Division Rank Rank (AG) Nationality Age Group Time
Woodman Aaron 2024 Copenhagen HYROX 🥇 🥇 GBR 35-39 00:55:39
Taylor James 2024 Copenhagen HYROX 🥈 🥈 GBR 35-39 00:57:34
Persson Joel 2024 Copenhagen HYROX 🥉 🥇 SWE 25-29 00:57:34
HYROX - Women
Name Race Division Rank Rank (AG) Nationality Age Group Time
Cope Jessica 2024 Copenhagen HYROX 🥇 🥇 GBR 30-34 01:03:17
Fowler Bethan 2024 Copenhagen HYROX 🥈 🥇 GBR 45-49 01:05:18
Bullock Georgie 2024 Copenhagen HYROX 🥉 🥇 GBR 25-29 01:06:01

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