HYROX Rimini I RiminiWellness

Welcome to HYROX Rimini I RiminiWellness, the pinnacle event marking one year since HYROX's introduction to Italy. Set against the backdrop of the stunning RiminiWellness, this two-day competition is a testament to endurance, strength, and the spirit of camaraderie. Athletes, including those with disabilities, are invited to push their limits in Singles, Doubles, and Relays categories. This event is not just a race; it's your final opportunity to secure a spot at the World Championships in Nice. Prepare to navigate through 8 rigorous workout stations interspersed with 8 kilometers of strategic racing.

For those looking to optimize their performance and recovery, RiminiWellness offers an array of activities tailored for athletes. Prior to the race, engage in gentle yoga sessions or dynamic stretching workshops available at the venue to enhance flexibility and mental focus. These practices are crucial for priming your body for the demands of HYROX.

Post-race, recovery should be your paramount concern. Take advantage of the therapeutic massage services on-site to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce soreness. Nutrition workshops will be available to educate on optimal post-race nourishment, ensuring your recovery is as effective as your preparation.

Beyond the confines of the race, Rimini presents a unique blend of relaxation and recovery opportunities. The serene beaches offer a tranquil setting for light, recovery-focused walks or simply unwinding to the rhythmic sounds of the sea, aiding mental and physical recovery. For a more immersive relaxation experience, explore the local thermal baths and spas renowned for their rejuvenating properties.

Rimini also boasts a rich cultural tapestry for those interested in gentle exploration. Stroll through historic sites or visit the Motor Valley for a less physically demanding but equally enriching experience. These activities not only aid in physical recovery but provide a mental break, allowing you to return to training refreshed and invigorated.

Remember, preparation extends beyond physical training. Embrace the comprehensive offerings at HYROX Rimini I RiminiWellness to enhance your performance, recovery, and overall experience. Here's to achieving your personal best on the race day and beyond.

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Practical Information

June 01, 2024

Via Emilia 155, 47921 Rimini, Italy

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