HYROX Valencia | Season 24/25

Welcome to HYROX Valencia, the culmination of the 2024 fitness competition season. As an athlete, you're about to embark on an exceptional challenge that not only tests your physical limits but also offers a unique opportunity to experience the vibrant city of Valencia.

HYROX Valencia is designed to push you to your utmost capabilities across a series of indoor fitness trials. Each event is crafted to assess a broad spectrum of athletic skills, ensuring that only the most well-rounded participants excel. Whether you're aiming to set new personal records or to compete at the highest level, this race is your platform to showcase your hard-earned fitness achievements.

For optimal performance, consider integrating relaxation and recovery into your race preparation and cooldown routines. Valencia offers a plethora of options suited for athletic recovery. Prior to the race, engage in low-intensity activities such as gentle yoga sessions or leisurely walks through the Turia Gardens. These activities can help maintain flexibility while also allowing you to mentally prepare for the competition ahead.

Post-race, focus on recovery. Valencia's coastline provides an ideal setting for relaxation. Consider a swim in the Mediterranean for natural cold therapy, or simply enjoy the calming effects of the beach. For a more structured recovery, Valencia boasts several wellness centers offering services like massage therapy and cryotherapy, tailored to aid in athletic recovery.

Remember, your journey to HYROX Valencia is as much about the destination as it is about the preparation. Embrace the city’s offerings to enhance your race experience. Balance the intensity of competition with the rich, relaxing experiences Valencia has to offer, ensuring you're as prepared mentally as you are physically. This holistic approach will not only contribute to a potentially better race performance but also to a more enjoyable and memorable event.

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Practical Information

November 23, 2024

Event Location: Av. de les Fires, s/n, Pobles de l'Oest, 46035 València

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